My Most Wanted LEGO Items

Let’s face it: if it has the LEGO logo on it, I’m most likely to like the product (with a few exceptions). Which explains the following list in all of its diversity and various amounts of rarity (some not even sold through the black market!). This list will change as time goes on and I acquire the items or find more I look forward to having one day. So stop back every now and then for updates on this list, and if you have or know someone who has the items listed, let me know at the following email: or through my various social media (see Contacts post).

This list does have a few exceptions as far as what LEGO I am looking for. These are listed right here:
Elf CMF (Series 3) – only need accessories, like bow and shield.
Evil Mech CMF (Series 8) – needs darker robot arm.
Brains (yellow suit) Atlantis – needs helmet and visor only.
Ice Planet “Babe” – needs torso only
Aang Avatar the Last Airbender – needs torso and head, have legs.
Sokka Avatar the Last Airbender – needs head only, have torso and legs.
TEE VEE Alpha Team Mission Deep Freeze – only needs legs, have torso and head.
Princess Castle 2008 blue dress – only needs reddish brown hair.
Baby Homemaker minifigure yellow bib standard grin black pigtails – preferred if yellow bib has pattern on it.
Achu Adventurers – only need head and legs
Maxilos & Spinax Bionicle – only need select parts for Maxilos upper shoulder and torso.



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