Get to know Joe!

Hello everyone, I’m JoeTheManiac! I run this site and all the social media accounts attached to it. While proclaiming myself as a “maniac” may be off-putting, I assure you it’s my way of saying I like to have so much fun it’s crazy! All kinds of content on here stemmed from smaller video series I’ve done on YouTube and even a few ideas from Instagram. And my hope is to be as entertaining as possible through all of them for all ranges and ages of people!


(Having a good time with my family at a lawnside KISS concert, PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, 2010.)

So here’s a little about my background which helps explain why I have this site. My name is Joseph Meluso, and I am a 22-year old student at William Paterson University currently (2013 – present). I am a double major for Elementary Education and Environmental Science, so I’m aiming to be a schoolteacher with a background in Envi-Sci. I do part-time jobs including deliveries for restaurants and party catering for businesses near me.

As a middle child, my older brother always got to experience things before I did. In some ways, it made it easier for me to pick up new hobbies and toys so I could play with him. Other times he would play with them long before I had a chance and I might lose interest over time. then again I have a younger sister to fall back and play games with periodically. I’ve dabbled in all kinds of toys and still treasure some to this day like LEGO, Hot Wheels, Thomas The Tank Engine Wooden Railway and Nerf. I’ve also grown to enjoy lots of music, primarily rock but all kinds of pop as well. I’ve dabbled in drawing and writing from time to time, especially poetry and simple cartoons. Not to mention I know countless shows and movies especially during the 90’s and early 2000’s.


(My LEGO creations Display at PhillyBrickFest, Oaks, PA, 2017. I am wearing an outfit representing my online avatar, Maniac4Bricks.)

My passion for LEGO stemmed me to create videos for a YouTube channel, and on July 1, 2012, my first LEGO set review was published. Since then I’ve done stop-motions, hauls, reviews and store visits, vlogs and much more. At 5 years now, I’ve opened so many avenues as Maniac4Bricks and embracing the LEGO community online, such as visiting and exhibiting at local LEGO conventions in the tri-state area, becoming a member of both GardenSLUG and ILUGNY, and even corresponding with companies like Brick Brick Gear who operate all over the world with a creative style of clothing. I’ve followed all things LEGO for decades and I consider myself a walking encyclopedia on the matter. Find a part and not sure what it’s for? I can tell you the set or theme in a few seconds. I build all kinds of models (see Gallery/Portfolio) and have even worked with local libraries in kid-friendly LEGO programs and party catering with LEGO as the theme.

Well, I’ve been rambling a bit about myself, and there’s more to share later. But as you can tell, my name suits me well for having crazy amounts of enthusiasm and knowledge of different toy brands. Sure I didn’t mention many outside of LEGO but I do like collecting from them to a degree now and then. LEGO is my go-to and is what most of my page will be about. But on here you will also find other topics aforementioned. Even if I over-analyze them, and trust me I will 😉 All in good fun! Hope you enjoy more content coming soon!


(I met Veronica, a Master Builder with LEGOLand Discovery Center, Westchester, NY, 2016.)


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